Thank you to everyone that came out on June 25th, 2023.

We had a wonderful family style picnic day and honored our awardees!

2023 Awardees!
Artist of the Year

Our 2023 Artist of the Year – Harry Spilker. Camphill, PA.

We are pleased to announce Harry Spilker as PCCA’s Artist of the Year 2023 for so many reasons.  Harry has a unique eye for enhancing his photography like no one else.  We can always count on Harry to produce spectacular work that is both visually beautiful and inspirational. Gallery visitors never cease to comment on both his work and his story. His talent is evident, and he has supported the PCCA with many sales of his artwork through the gallery.  Harry takes part regularly in PCCA’s Art on Tour program and the PCCA Gallery’s Artisan Marketplace Exhibitions and can be depended on to not only participate, but to raise the bar.  It is obvious that he does not back down from a challenge – instead rising, improving and excelling.  We are honored to celebrate Harry and his unique talent.  Thank you, Harry, for putting your vision out into the world for others to enjoy.

Pictured: PCCA Executive Director, Jasmine Colbert, Harry Spilker.

Service to the Arts

Service to the Arts ‐ Farmer’s Daughters Cafe.

Jenn and Michelle are not only an asset to the PCCA, but an asset to the entire community.  Their willingness to help others is evident in their support of local artists.  Farmers Daughters joined the Art on Tour program as a host site for local artists to display and sell their work, and is regularly the best selling venue in the program.  This is not coincidental, it is because of their awesome energy and willingness to help, along with their love for the local art and people who come into their cafe.

Triple Threat!

Triple Threat Award ‐ Paul & Teena Beutel.

Paul & Teena Beutel are a double triple threat! Paul is a carver who creates painted, wooden fish and other small wildlife creatures that he sells in the gallery. He is a pianist who frequently donates his time and talents during special events at Landis House. Teena is a former PCCA staff member, and a longtime award-winning basket weaver and teacher of her craft. Paul and Teena are frequent volunteers helping with yardwork, Landis Museum committee work, hosting concerts, making BBQ and slinging food for Youth Art Day and so many more times that we have put out the call and they have readily answered. We are very lucky to have their full support and are proud to present them with this year’s Triple Threat Award.

Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year Award – Lane Partner.

Lane has been an incredible asset ever since she started volunteering.  Just this past year, she has helped every week in the gallery, and has been continuing to do so in 2023.  When the flood occurred in June of 2022, Lane was there to help us switch over our inventory to our new system which has not been easy, and to assist in manning the gallery when we needed someone in a pinch.  Gallery Manager Leah Keilman states, “I don’t know what I would do without Lane.  She is so willing to lend a hand and share her useful opinions.  She is incredibly helpful and I hope she will continue to assist in the gallery.  She is not only an incredible volunteer, but also a good friend.”  Thank you Lane!

Educator of the Year

Educator of the Year Award ‐ Tom Oakes (Carlisle).

Tom Oakes is the jack of all trades.  To name a few, he is a multi-media artist, potter, and educator, or as we like to call him, our teacher extraordinaire… who is also a handyman!  A certified K-12 art teacher with degrees from Kutztown and Millersville University, Tom has collaborated with PCCA since 2018.  He teaches inclusive art classes and most recently…preschool “Show & Tells” at Landis House.  In addition to leading Summer Art Camps at Little Buffalo and volunteering his time at events such as Youth Art Day, Tom has always been there to lend a helping hand when it comes to odd jobs at Landis House…Like helping to repair our kiln and moving a boulder! Tom says, “I am blessed to have the opportunities to create my own classes with PCCA and honored to provide my talents in your community.”  We are grateful to have Tom, not just as a teacher, but as a friend of PCCA. With that being said, we are thrilled to present Tom with this year’s Educator of the Year award!


Use the criteria below to make your PCCA annual award nominations!

Volunteer of the Year recognizes outstanding volunteer service by an individual or individuals who help promote and carry out the programs of the PCCA. Current Board members are not eligible for this award.

Artist of the Year recognizes excellence in any of the arts: music, dance, literature, drama, crafts and visual arts such as photography, painting, graphic arts, sculpture and architecture. To be considered for this award, the artist must be a PCCA member.

Building Community honors outstanding contributions to the arts made by individuals or organizations during the previous year that have helped to make PCCA stronger and to advance its mission. Every year there are numerous organizations that fit this description because they underwrite programs, donate in-kind gifts, supply volunteers, raise awareness about PCCA, or implement quality arts programs that make our community more vibrant.

Winners will be honored during the Annual Membership Picnic on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

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    The following slate of candidates for Board service is presented with the support and approval of the Governance Committee of the PCCA, as well as the financial report.

    Slate of Board Candidates

    Ben Cramer, Duncannon (2025) second term
    *Lauren Eichelberger, Newport (2025) first term
    *John Guarnera, Duncannon (2025) first term
    Allison Juliana, New Cumberland (2025) second term
    Patti McLaughlin, Elliottsburg (2025) third term
    Jennifer Mitchell, Newport (2024) second term
    Iris Peters, Newport (2024) first term
    Lynne Reeder, Duncannon (2024) second term
    Karen Smith, Newport (2024) second term
    *Louise Warner, Newport (2025) first term

    This slate becomes effective June 25, 2023. Terms will end at the completion of the June annual meeting in the year designated. Those names with asterisks (*) designate new Directors presented for service.

    Annual Award Recipients

    Artist of the Year, Harry Spilker
    Educator of the Year, Tom Oakes
    Service to the Arts, Farmers Daughters Cafe
    Triple Threat, Paul & Teena Beutel
    Volunteer of the Year, Lane Partner

    Awardees will be honored during an award presentation.
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