In 2007, the Perry County Council of the Arts inherited Landis House, a 5,000-square-foot mansion, and the numerous artworks and artifacts from the Estate of Mary M. Landis. On November 16, 2014, PCCA held a dedication ceremony at Landis House to celebrate the bequest by Mary M. Landis of her home and its contents and to thank the many individuals who gave generously of their time and treasure to turn Mary’s home into our Creative Commons.

The mission of Landis House is to serve the community as a Creative Commons, offering:

  • a contemporary gallery which provides exhibit opportunities to established and emerging artists,
  • a recital and concert hall for novice and professional musicians,
  • a venue to display historically relevant artifacts in the form of a permanent collection from the life and travels of the Landis Family (in honor of Arthur Clair and Bertha Rippman Landis, the parents of Mary M. Landis),
  • and as a resource promoting community building programs, be it through classes, lectures, readings, and meetings that work in tandem with the overall interests of Perry County Council of the Arts.