PCCA hosts a variety of art-related programs throughout the year, with one of those programs being the Art on Tour program. This program expands the PCCA Gallery and Landis House walls through this collaborative effort with area businesses. It is a win-win situation; our artists receive additional exposure in the community, and the walls of the venues are brightened with the varying talents of our fine artists. It is a program that has truly been embraced by both entities.

Art on Tour places the work of more than 18 professional PCCA member artists in more than 10 offsite venues throughout Central PA. Exhibiting artists support the exhibition production process with hanging and dismantling the exhibitions.


Buffalo Brew – Newport

Capital Joe – Harrisburg

Czekaj Dusharm LLC – Newport

Pennian Bank – Newport

Sisson-Boyer Eyecare – Newport


Perry County Council of the Arts’ members have displayed their works in feature group exhibitions at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building East Wing Rotunda and WITF. An assortment of works are currently on display at Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art. Read more below.

January 17 – May 9 at Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art

Nature’s Palette

Mother Nature draws from a wide palette of colors to paint the beauty that surrounds us every day. Central Pennsylvania is rich with natural scenery and gorgeous landscapes, so it is no wonder that many artists and creative minds draw inspiration from the brilliance found locally.

Perry County Council of the Arts’ member artists interpret nature’s various hues and shades in this special off-site Art on Tour exhibition, showcased in the beautiful Olewine Gallery, surrounded by the center’s natural, wooded space. Walk along a rainbow of colors, starting with hues of red that blend into orange, into yellow, and so on – ending with purples, and gray scale artwork in center displays to reflect the main color groupings. This exhibition is a true feast for the senses and shows off the incredible talent of our member artists.

Most artwork will be available for purchase and all sales benefit local artists, Ned Smith Center, and PCCA.

Participating artists include Karen Alleman, Desiree Armolt, Deb Arthur, Janice Bailor, Jess Barlup, Connie Betz, Paul Beutel, Teena Beutel, Judy Bouder, Toby Bouder, Scotty Brown, Jon Colbert, Gail Walden Coleman, Alaina Cox, Linda Dissinger, Richelle Dourte, Biruta Hansen, Cynthia Holleran, Kimberly Kaufell, Leah Keilman, Evgeny Krayushkin, Deb Kreiger, Devera Lang, Bonnie Lorey, Michelle McBurney, Richard Messner, Valerie Moyer, Karen Lee Miller Newman, Carolyn Pio, Angela Rubinic, Missy Smith, Harry Spilker, Sara Sutton, Louise Thomas, Don Uvick, Jon Wert, James Wheeler, Robin Wheeler and Kate Zeigler.