PCCA celebrated 40 years of creative community work during a day of fun along the Juniata River!

Thank you to our sponsors and vendors who helped make this event possible!

The following slate of candidates for Board service is presented with the support and approval of the Governance Committee of the PCCA, as well as the financial report and 2021 minutes.

Slate of Board Candidates

Jessie Ellis, Wormleysburg (2022) second term
Kurt Hower, New Bloomfield (2021) first term
Patti McLaughlin, Elliottsburg (2021) first term
Jennifer Mitchell, Newport (2022) first term
Lynne Reeder, Duncannon (2022) first term
Karen Smith, Newport (2022) first term
*Ben Cramer, Duncannon (2023) first term
*Kelly Gorman, Shermans Dale (2023) first term
*Allison Juliana, New Cumberland (2023) first term
*Samantha Peterson, Millerstown (2023) first term

This slate became effective November 7, 2021. Terms will end at the completion of the 2021 Annual meeting in the year designated. Those names with asterisks (*) designate new Directors presented for service.