2020 Annual Membership Meeting & Awards Presentation

Each awardee will receive a commemorative plate crafted by ClayFriends Studio. Jim and Sue Hetrick are a husband and wife team who share their passion for art at ClayFriends Studio in Enola. Whether producing ceramic or glass, this artistic couple creates magnificent works of art for everyone to enjoy.

View more of ClayFriends’ work!

The following slate of candidates for Board service is presented with the support and approval of the Governance Committee of the PCCA, as well as the financial report and 2019 minutes. Please send comments to jasmine@perrycountyarts.org by November 8, 2020.

Slate of Board Candidates

Jess Ellis, Wormleysburg (2020)
Ann Shull, Landisburg (2020)
Richard Steffy, Elliottsburg (2020)
Kurt Hower, New Bloomfield (2021)
Patti McLaughlin, Elliottsburg (2021)
*Lynne Reeder, Duncannon (2022)
*Jennifer Mitchell, Newport (2022)
*Karen Smith, Newport (2022)

This slate will be effective November 9 following a period of membership comment. Terms will end at the completion of the next year’s Annual meeting in the year designated. Those names with asterisks (*) designate new Directors presented for service.

Financial Report

PDF of Financial Report

2019 Meeting Minutes

PDF of 2019 Minutes

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