photo (1) croppedPerry County is known for its thriving arts culture, yet many of our citizens don’t think of themselves as particularly creative. We want to change that by calling attention to the many acts of creativity all around us—everything from murals to mailboxes, scarecrows to snowmen. We create outside art—whether it’s a garden, a stone walkway, or a welded sculpture—because it puts joy in our hearts, or it pleases others, or it’s just something that’s gnawing inside and demands to be made real.

We want to put your creativity on display! “Like” Perry County Council of the Arts on Facebook and post photos of inspiring Perry County outdoor art on our timeline: murals, sculptures, gardens, mailboxes, hay bales, signs, funny/whimsical displays, seasonal decorations, rock walls, fences, landscaping, water features, mobiles, scarecrows, snowmen, etc. If you put effort into making something that is beyond the ordinary, we want to see it and we want the world to know about it.

With your posted photos please include:

  • Clementine croppedWho the creator is. If you don’t know, write “Unknown,” and our Facebook community will help to identify the artist!
  • The Perry County township or borough where the outdoor art is located
  • Date it was created, if known
  • An address, if the art is visible from the road
  • “Bonus points” if part of your creation includes an item purchased at PCCA Gallery
  • A brief description of what it is, if it is not immediately clear
  • The hashtags: #PCCA #OutdoorArt #PerryCounty

Each month we will name an Outdoor Artwork of the Month.
People of Perry County, help us inspire others with your outdoor creativity!