PCCA is holding its first Summer Art Camp for students, made possible by a grant from the McCormick Family Foundation!

The weeklong day camp offers a sampling of the arts, including painting, music, video, poetry and theatre. A morning session for students entering grades 1-3 runs from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. and an afternoon session for students entering grades 4-6 runs from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. The afternoon session will be broken down similarly to the morning session.

Landis House is located at 67 N. 4th Street, Newport, Pa at the corner of 4th and Walnut streets. 717.567.7023




Recommended Attire/Things to Bring

Activity Schedule


Visual Art with Wendy Heimbaugh

-wear comfortable clothes
-bring either a paint shirt or an apron
-beverage/water bottle

Complete an acrylic painting on canvas, by
-painting backgrounds together as a group
-determining own focal point to develop and make painting your own


Music with Mycenea Worley

-wear comfortable clothes
-bring either a paint shirt or an apron
-beverage/water bottle

9:00-9:30: Exploring sound. What is music? How do instruments work? Have all instruments been invented yet?
9:30-10:00: Building a simple instrument – hands on activity
10:10-11:00: Instrument innovation – Kids will work in pairs to invent instruments using household materials
11:10-11:30: Presentation of instruments / jam session if time allows.


Video with Michele Comp

-smart phone or tablet with picture/video capabilities if you have one, though not necessary
-beverage/water bottle

9:00-9:40: Welcome to flash film school (tips and tricks for creating a good video)
Intro video biography (vlog/green screen options)
9:40-10:00: Created characters: Begin character creation
10:00-10:10: Break- bathroom, water, etc.
10:10-10:50: Animating nature: Stop motion Animation intro, finish characters and bring to life, viewing
10:59-11:05: Video app smash (10 video apps in 10 minutes)
Fast break if needed
11:05-11:30: Team video challenge (planning, filming, editing, viewing, voting)


Poetry with Lynne Reeder

-beverage/water bottle

9:00-9:30: ice breakers, silly rhyme game, read and discuss example poems to learn concepts
9:30-10:00: intro acrostics and help students figure out words to go with each letter of their name
10:00-10:15: break
10:15-10:45: intro “I Am” poem and help students finish each line
10:45-11:15: (morning)discuss what a simile is and help students write original ones for miniature poems, (afternoon) learn how to tie emotion to a symbol to create meaning
11:00-11:30: open mic style sharing of poems and wrap up


Theatre with Michele Smith of Gamut Theatre

-wear comfortable clothes that you can move in freely with no limitations. Please no skirts (or if skirts, must have shorts underneath). Shoes must be secure to the foot- sneakers are great! No flip flops, crocks, platforms, or heels.
-beverage/water bottle

9:00-10:00: Warm ups, learn basic theatre concepts, play a few theatre games to reinforce those concepts.
10:00-10:10: Break – bathrooms, water, etc.
10:10-10:30: Decorate masks/create a character
10:30-11:00: Character Party/Character Interviews
11:00-11:10: Break – bathrooms, water, etc.
11:10-11:30: Journals. If time, Q&A, final game


Registration is open to students entering grades 1-6.

The 2017 Summer Art Camp is filled. We have begun a wait list in the event of a cancellation. Please submit your registration form and a check payable to PCCA to be added to the wait list. We will not cash your check until we offer you a space.

Registration Form – fillable form

For online registration –¬†Please download the form, complete it and save to your computer. Send as an attachment to jasmine@perrycountyarts.org.