A Novel Idea is a workshop series for writers of all levels to meet monthly to discuss writing techniques, marketing tips and now offers group writing critiques. Led by a published author/instructor, participants are guided through the process of sharpening their individual writing skills.

A Novel Idea Presents Critique 101

Critique 101 is a workshop series for writers seeking multiple critiques of their fictional or nonfictional stories and articles. Critique 101 offers feedback on clarity, development and inconsistencies. Led by published author Catherine Jordan, students will revise their writing to make it stand out to potential publishers!

Critique 101 offers up to 25 pages for critique. If what you seek is pure approbation and amazement at your genius, send your story to your family. Otherwise, join our class to receive feedback from up to 20 fellow writers. There’s not an author out there who hasn’t benefited from critique. Authors don’t get a second chance to explain to readers the intention behind their words. Express what you really mean to say, and show, by sharing your work with readers who will comment on and critique plot, characterization, dialogue, setting, and any inconsistencies with grammar, POV, or voice. If you’re writing the first draft or polishing for publication, then this class is for you! Led by published author and editor Catherine Jordan, learn how to critique others, how to receive a critique, and how to see your piece with an editor’s eye.

Readers automatically critique stories. Then they make a judgment call. Often they don’t know what it is they don’t like, they just know they don’t like it and put it down. This class will teach how to pinpoint that, and address it in our writing.

First Saturdays from 9:30AM-12:30PM beginning March 2019 – November 2019
Landis House, 67 N. Fourth Street, Newport
Ages 18 and up

Instructed by Catherine Jordan

Catherine Jordan is the author of the horror novels, Seeking Samiel, and The Bookseller’s Secret. She edits and writes in different genres, and is a contributor to TheBurg magazine. Catherine has been a judge for the Bram Stoker Award and for the ITW Young Adult Award. She also facilitates writing courses and critique groups.

Connect With Your Writing Peers

Tuition is $300 for the series of 9 sessions running from March through November 2019.

Individual sessions are available at $35 per session, with advance notice. Please email Creative Programs Manager Tracy Meisinger-Troutman at engage@perrycountyarts.org

If you are interested in registering or have additional questions after looking over the materials, please contact us at 717-925-8207 or email engage@perrycountyarts.org.

General Rate: $300 

Single Session Rate: $35